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May Illumicrate Box

My only subscription box at the moment is Illumicrate. I love getting a little box of literary surprises every three months.


So sweet!


This time there’s two lovely books. Truth or Dare by Non Pratt and The Waking Land by Callie Bates. 


I honestly don’t know much about these books or authors – isn’t that why a subscription box is great? (yes!) Goodreads tell me I’ll like Truth or Dare is I like Holly Bourne, and I really like Holly Bourne, so I’m happy.

The Waking Land is described as

Magic. Adventure. Intrigue. Romance. Revolution.

Sounds good to me.

There are some lovely postcards, a door hanger, a corner book mark, and a standard book mark.


and finally, a cute swish and flick keychain by Nutmeg and Arlo. A Gender Games badge (which you can barely see in my terrible photo!). A mermaid lagoon candle by Flickerink, and a mug.


Here’s the whole content of the box. Very happy with it this time 🙂



Illumicrate February 2017

I’ve been using subscription boxes for a few years. It’s lovely having a parcel of little surprises turn up in the post every now and then. I’ve previously subscribed to Birchbox and some other beauty boxes I can’t quite remember! These were good, but a bit make up heavy for me considering I hardly wear it. I also tried nailbox – I liked it, but it was a bit wasteful because I don’t do nail art. I had a very misguided idea a few years back that I would get the Hotel Chocolat monthly box, and then buy no other chocolate. It would keep me all healthy by being my only source of chocolate for each month. Well, that obviously went really well!

So I fancied a literary box and chose to go with Illumicrate. I like the idea that the books cover different genres. You get

a newly released book and other things for book lovers!

Hooray! You can see what has been in past boxes here. (psst… Illumicrate, update your website! Last past box is feb 2016) . It’s quite expensive (£30 per box, eek) but is quarterly so you only get a box every 3 months. I’m mostly concerned right now about if the extra bits and bobs you get are worth the price. Of course I need to read the book too to see if I like the choices.

(I should also mention that I’m currently a recipient of Cheese Posties. Such a great idea. I may have subscribed when I’d had a few glasses of wine one evening! It’s amazing what you can subscribe too 🙂 )

My first Illumicrate box arrived on wednesday:


The packaging is nice. You know what you are about to unpack…


Here’s all the contents of the box together:


Two books!


A signed book plate for Wintersong. A postcard and a cute little bag.


Some book marks and two fridge magnets:


And a lip balm (I missed this earlier when I did the group shot):


Looks great so far! I’ll hopefully get the books read fairly soon and I’ll let you know what they’re like.