Wild – Cheryl Strayed

I’d already seen the 2014 film made of this book, starring Reese Witherspoon, but knew I wanted to get around to reading the book one day. I loved the film and wanted to read the book to get the full story. I was not disappointed. I loved Wild.  It was as moving and inspirational as I was expecting it to be.


Strayed’s story is that she lost her mother, and lost her way. She ended up divorced and taking heroin. To hopefully sort herself out she decided to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, alone, for three months. This trail goes from Mexico to Canada. Strayed had been an outdoorsy person all her life, but was never a hiker. And she had a lot to learn very quickly.

What I learned from Wild is that Cheryl Strayed is a badass brave woman. She’s made me want to go on more adventures. To be less afraid. To do stuff. Wild made me weep tears of sadness and joy. It had me on the edge of my sofa with fear for her safety, and envious of the joy she describes at certain parts of the journey.

It’s a great story and it’s also great to read. Strayed’s descriptions of the landscape are beautiful, her writing about her hardships are heartfelt and moving. Absolute top, brilliant, inspirational, motivating read.

Anyone want to come for a hike?

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