Out of the Blue – Sophie Cameron

Out of the Blue is a sweet YA book about angels falling from the sky and being killed on impact with the ground. They can’t seem to use their wings during the fall. Until one survives and is found by Jaya. Jaya now has to figure out how to hide the angel, and help her get home.


The story moves along nicely and I liked all the characters involved. I’m not going to spoil the plot here, but we have a dead mother, interfering siblings, disability, gay and bi characters, being foreign, issues with religion, neglectful parents going through a hard time, love, betrayal, cults, and an angel that can only talk in radio 4. There’s a lot going on!

Overall, I liked how this story had good pace and drama. I also really liked the Scottish location, and really liked how the angel picked up phrases from radio 4.


3 thoughts on “Out of the Blue – Sophie Cameron

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