Top 10 Bookish Websites

This is the topic of Top Ten Tuesday for this week, coordinated by That Artsy Reader Girl. I know it’s not Tuesday. As previously discussed, I will never end up doing this on the right day!

1. Goodreads. I know I’m not supposed to pick this, but I do use it a lot. I love the yearly challenge and I like being able to see all the books I’ve read all together in a list.


2. NetGalley. Books for free because I will write a review of them, which I would do anyway. I was so happy when I started getting approved for books! Now the problem is to not request too many that I don’t have time to read them… way too late to stop this being a problem.


3. bookfacemagazine.Β This is an Instagram account. I love it though.

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Bookface by @emwritersfestival

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4. Book Riot. Book stuff. Recommendations. Interesting articles.


5. Lit Hub. Books, essays, recommendations. Love the Rebecca Solnit article I read here last year.


6. Manchester Literary Festival. The tickets to this years events were just all released on Wednesday. I’ve been quite retrained and just bought for two events. Can’t wait.


7. The Literary Gift Company. Bookish things. I want pretty much everything they sell, but currently covet this t shirt.Β 


8. Bookshambles. This one might be cheating a bit, because it’s a podcast. But it’s the only podcast I regularly listen to and it’s where I’ve got so many recommendations from over the last few years, of books that have ended up being some of my favourites.


9. The Guardian Books section. I read quite a few of the articles and also tend to read their reviews of books I’m interested in.


10. Twitter. Because I follow so many great bookish people. πŸ™‚


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