Serious Concerns – Wendy Cope

The first few months of this year I took a weekly creative writing class. I loved it and it’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like this. The general outcome seems to be that I am drawn to writing about kick ass feminst sci fi or hard core feminist horror.  Watch out literary world (jk).


One week a nice old man gave me Serious Concerns by Wendy Cope to borrow. It was after poetry week when I said I hadn’t really read any poetry, but I was interested in getting into it more.

The poems are funny. Quite dark. Often about relationships, but generally about life.


I love the few poems that are written in response to her being asked to write a poem for a specific event or programme. e.g. there’s one requested by, but not taken up by, bbc radio. In it she’s really scathing about writing to a specific brief. And another she was asked to write about xmas, which is really funny, but not taken up, and you know exactly why when you read it!


This collection works brilliantly as an introduction to reading poetry for a complete novice. The language or structure isn’t complicated. They are warm and funny and brilliant. So thank you to the nice man at creative writing class for lending me this book!

3 thoughts on “Serious Concerns – Wendy Cope

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