2017 Reading Bingo!



Just for a bit of fun I’m going to see if I can fill all these reading bingo squares from my reading this year. I saw this on Cleopatra Loves Books Blog. I like the idea of looking at it retrospectively and have seen quite a few different bloggers do this over the last few weeks. I feel really happy that I have managed to find a different book for each square – even though I only had one choice for some, I still made it! Yey!

Click the images to go to my reviews for each book.

A Book With More Than 500 Pages.

american gods

American Gods – Neil Gaiman

At 635 pages, this is the longest book I read this year (3 were over 500 pages).


A Forgotten Classic.


The Awakening – Kate Chopin

I’m not sure about this being forgotten, but I’d never heard of it. I read it because it was on the reading list I was using for a bit of reading inspiration this year.


A Book That Became a Movie.


Lion – Saroo Brierley

And I haven’t seen the film yet!!!


A Book Published This Year.


Home Fire – Kamila Shamsie

I had lots to choose from for this one, eleven books in total. I went with Home Fire because it has such a lovely cover on this edition.


A Book With a Number in the Title.


Reservoir 13 – Jon McGregor

I am happy I have read this one because it’s been a much talked about book this year, but I really didn’t get on with it very well. Still, it’s useful for having that number in the title (though I could have used Fahrenheit 451 for this too)


A Book Written By Someone Under 30.


Frankenstein – Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley was twenty one when she wrote Frankenstein. Amazing! I had a few other options for this square, and a few that I suspect will fit, but I can’t easily find the author’s age, which is totally fine of course.


A Book With Non-Human Characters.


Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland – Lewis Carroll

We’ve got the White Rabbit, flamingos, the Cheshire Cat, and all sorts of other non-human characters in this totally bonkers book.


A Funny Book.


Living the Dream – Lauren Berry

I rarely read really funny books, but this was one of them. I had a few to choose from here. The Holly Bourne book I read was also funny, and I read two by David Sedaris and they would have fitted in very well here.


A Book By a Female Author.

39 of the books I’ve read this year are by female authors. I’d be horrified if someone couldn’t fit this square!


I’m going to choose What Happened – Hillary Rodham Clinton. It’s so good.


A Book With a Mystery.


The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins

Probably the most straightforward mystery book I read. I nearly went with The Metamorphosis – Franz Kafka but the mystery of happens doesn’t get solved so I went with this instead!


A Book With a One-Word Title.


Autumn – Ali Smith

I loved Autumn and I can’t wait to read Winter. I just picked it up and will read it very soon. 🙂


A Book of Short Stories.


A Winter Book – Tove Jansson

I read quite a few essay collections this year, but this was the only short story collection I read.


A Book Set on a different Continent.


Galapagos – Kurt Vonnegut

I could have chosen one of the many book I read set in North America, but that’s a bit of a boring choice, so I’ve gone with Galapagos. It’s set, unsurprisingly on the Galapagos islands, so the continent is South America. I was quite socked actually to realise this was the only book I read that isn’t set in either Europe or North America. I will have to do better next year. I sippose I could also have picked Ad Astra by Dallas Campbell because that’s really set in space. 🙂


A Book of Non Fiction.


Inferior – Angela Saini

I read 22 non fiction book this year (yey!) but this was the one I’d like most people to read too. It’s about how scientists historically have let their societal ideas about women influence their science, how the barriers to doing science have prevented women from taking part, and finally, what the real scientifically proven difference are between me and women. I loved it so much I’ve just bought myself a paperback copy – I originally read an ebook version.


The First Book By a Favourite Author.


Everything I Never Told You – Celeste Ng

I’ve still only read this one book by Celeste Ng, but I have Little Fires Everywhere lined up ready to read. I just know I’m going to love that too, and probably any other book she writes in the future!


A Book You Heard About Online.


The Good Immigrant – ed by Nikesh Shukla

Again, there are a few books I could have picked for this one, but I loved The Good Immigrant so much, and I definitely kept reading about it online and sought it out to read as soon as I could.


A Best-Selling Book.


Me Without You – Jojo Moyes

Definitely the biggest, best selling book I read this year! Or possible Girl On the Train, but I used that earlier.


A Book Based on a True Story.


Lincoln in the Bardo – George Saunders

I just about made this by reading Lincoln In the Bardo, set on the night Lincoln’s son Willie is set to rest in a crypt in Oak Hill Cemetery, in Georgetown.


A Book at the Bottom of Your TBR Pile.


The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks – Rebecca Skloot

I chose this because I started reading it two years ago, and for some reason stopped and didn’t pick it up again until November. I absolutely loved it and can’t believe I took such a big reading pause with it.


A Book Your Friend Loves.


Bel Canto – Ann Patchett

I deliberated quite a bit with this one. No friends recommended Bel Canto, but after I’d read it, two people (both have book reading taste I trust) told me they absolutely loved it. There were a few books I read because other people told me they like them, but none that they LOVED so I went with Bel Canto, which I loved too.


A Book That Scares You.


Fahrenheit 451 – Ray Bradbury

I don’t read horror. I don’t watch it either. I get too scared and can’t sleep! So there was no way there would be anything that scared me in that way. Instead I’ve chosen Farenheit 451. It scared me because it seems like how the world is going right now. Anti-intellectualism, “too many experts”, anti-science: there’s too much of this around at the moment and I can almost imagine if it continues, then the events in this book might not be so fictitious!

Also, I’m going to try reading an actually scary book next year as a personal challenge. Which one should I go for?


A Book That is More Than 10 Years Old.


It Cant Happen Here – Sinclair Lewis

I read loads of books that are over ten years old this year. I chose It Can’t Happen Here because I was astounded it was written in the 1930s – it reads like it’s directly influenced by Trump!


The Second Book in a Series.


How Hard Can Love Be – Holly Bourne

I got lucky with this one. I read very few series books this year, and luckily this is the second in The Spinster Club Series. I will make sure I read part three next year.


A Book With a Blue Cover.


The Trouble With Goats and Sheep – Joanna Cannon

Blue covers seem to be very popular. This was the bluest of blue covers. When I’ve tried to make a rainbow of book spines it is always purple that I struggle to find 🙂


All done! Thanks for reading. I managed to fill each square with a different book. I got lucky with some of the more obscure ones!

How many squares can you fill from your years reading?





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