Family Film Time – October 2017

Every week we have enforced family film watching time. Its partly to try and have a couple of hours down time, partly to be able to share our love of film with our kids, partly to have a tradition we hopefully will continue in the future. We take turns to pick. The participants are currently 39, 38, 7 and 4.

I’ve got a bit behind with these!

Mr Bean’s Holiday


I’ve learnt from this that for Mr Bean to work, your children need to know who he is. Otherwise they just think he’s a very strange man, doing odd things, and they don’t understand what the hell is going on. I think having been exposed to Mr Bean in TV format, is essential to ‘get’ the film.

So what I’m saying is we didn’t even get to the end of it. My children were baffled and fed up with it.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip


I missed this one. I am not too sad to be honest. Alvin and the Chipmunks are very annoying (I loved the cartoon when I was little though). The kids absolutely LOVED it. Of course they did.

Secret Life of Pets


This is a really nice film. It’s not annoying for the adults watching.

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep


Honestly, this film looked quite sweet. I fell asleep for most of it though. Oops.

Wayne’s World


Yes, we let our small children watch Wayne’s World. The language is inappropriate. Some of the jokes are inappropriate. But now my children say things like “Yes way!” in response to “No way!”, so totally worth it.


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