Family Film Time – September 2017

Every week we have enforced family film watching time. Its partly to try and have a couple of hours down time, partly to be able to share our love of film with our kids, partly to have a tradition we hopefully will continue in the future. We take turns to pick. The participants are currently 39, 38, 7 and 4.

A month late with writing this up and we are back on track with a film every week!

Lilo and Stitch


Looked great, but honestly I fell asleep for most of this one. Sorry! I did enjoy the first 15 minutes.



A happy, happy, singalong, adventure with super cute trolls. Completely inoffensive. Loved by the smallest person in the house who now talks about Poppy the Troll A LOT.

Hotel Transylvania 2


i think the Hotel Transylvania films are great. So does everyone else in my house! hooray! In this one there’s a new baby vampire and Dracula! the old school grandfather of Mavis.

We needed something safe after the scariness of Kubo and the Two Strings. Which brings us on to:

Kubo and the Two Strings


I chose this one and it is fantastic. Really stylish and a good watch for the adults. It’s such a shame that it scared the shit out of my seven year old! Mostly it was the sisters – they do look very creepy, and it’s all stop motion animation which has a quite creepy quality when you are a kid used to smooth computer animated things. As well as the scary sisters, there’s the fact that Kubo’s eye has been stolen by his grandfather, nice, and his mother is ill too.

I loved this film, the five year old was fine with it, but the seven year old ended up facing away from the TV reading a book! So a big yes, but not is your child is quite sensitive.


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