Family Film Time – July 2017

Every week we have enforced family film watching time. Its partly to try and have a couple of hours down time, partly to be able to share our love of film with our kids, partly to have a tradition we hopefully will continue in the future. We take turns to pick. The participants are currently 39, 37, 7 and 4.

I say every week, but we’ve had a run of months where it’s not been possible to all sit down together. I can already tell you August is going to be a nightmare for this! So what did we watch in July:

The Simpsons Movie


I’ve seen it so many times already, usually getting to near the end before it all becomes so familiar. Wasn’t sure what the children would make of it – they haven’t ever watched The Simpsons. My son found all the slapstick elements of it HILARIOUS, and they both loved SpiderPig. A hit.

Ice Age


This film is from 2002! How?! My children wanted me to choose Ice Age 3, but I can’t possibly start a series of films in the middle. So the first Ice Age it is. I tried to help them understand the timeline of ice ages and times with dinosaurs etc. I probably shouldn’t have bothered. đŸ˜€

Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys


Of all the pokemon films I’ve had to sit through so far, this has actually been the most enjoyable. Yes, you heard me. I quite enjoyed it. I mean, I’m not going to watch it again by choice, or actually recommend it to anyone, but it was alright. The best character was Munchlax. Pure comedy gold.



This is Munchlax. 

The question I quite want to know is: How many more Pokemon films are there that my son has access to? I think he might have at least three more lined up…


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