Family Film Time June 2017

Every week we have enforced family film watching time. Its partly to try and have a couple of hours down time, partly to be able to share our love of film with our kids, partly to have a tradition we hopefully will continue in the future. We take turns to pick. The participants are currently 39, 37, 7 and 4.

Wow! First real failure month. We have had a birthday filled weekend and missed a week! Shameful!


Tinkerbell and Secret of the Wings



Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief



We all really enjoyed this. I thought it would be a bit scary for the littlest one, but she seemed fine 🙂

The Game Plan


The Rock + cute ballet loving daughter he never knew he had = family film perfection


6 thoughts on “Family Film Time June 2017

      1. Stephanie

        Lol, it’s because he’s a guy and doesn’t see his appeal 😉😁! I don’t know though. My husband likes him in some of his action ones and we both like the show Ballers he’s in.

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