Family Film Time – February 2017

Every week we have enforced family film watching time. Its partly to try and have a couple of hours down time, partly to be able to share our love of film with our kids, partly to have a tradition we hopefully will continue in the future. We take turns to pick. The participants are currently 38, 37, 6 and 4.

Hotel Transylvania

This was my choice and it is a great film. There are a couple of scary bits (when Dracula gets a bit worked up and does a scary face). I was a bit concerned the 4 year old might not like that, but she was fine.


Dracula has set up a hotel for all the supernatural creatures safely away from humans. Then a back packer stumbles upon the hotel and wants to stay…

Dracula also has a daughter, Mavis, he is desperately trying to protect from the world. She is getting older and wants some independence. This is also the story of them adjusting to their new relationship. I loved the character of Mavis, and overall really enjoyed this film.



This is our childhood nostalgia film for the month πŸ˜€ Not mine, I’d never seen it before. It was enough for me that it has a very young Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix in. So cute! It’s the debut film for both of them.


The plot is that these teenage inventors build a spaceship and explore space, encountering aliens. The internet tells me there were big production troubles with the film and it was rushed to be finished. You can tell! It starts off with so much promise, then just goes a bit crazy towards the end.

I’ll be honest though, I fell asleep just as they had discovered how to make an unlimited source of oxygen, then when I woke, there were these crazy, vagina faced, aliens everywhere.


Hotel for dogs

I went into this with quite low expectations, and then I LOVED IT!



There are orphans, cute dogs, amazing gadgets, evil foster parents, sweet romance, and a very silly plot. What more could you want? Β This film was universally loved by all of us (and we don’t even really like dogs in real life πŸ™‚ ) It even made me cry at the end – a sure sign that I have actually really enjoyed a film and have got emotionally invested.

As a superb bonus, there is a big action sequence in the middle with an amazing Tim Armstrong song accompanying it. Heaven.

Pokemon – Hoopa and the Clash of Ages

I tried to follow the plot, really I did. In fact, I think I was the only one left watching it at the end. Two other family members were snoozing, including the 6 year old who chose this film. There were murmurings of ‘I know how it ends… I’ve seen it before’.


I really would only really recommend this if you are already heavily invested in the world of Pokemon πŸ™‚


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