Family Films – January

We’ve started a weekly family film in my household. Two hours a week where we hope to get some peace and quiet, while also subjecting our children to films we loved ourselves as children, only to be painfully disappointed and also shocked at the content of 80s films we thought would be kid friendly. Note to self: the 12 and 12A rating didn’t exist in the 80s, so PGs cover up to the 15 category.

For context, my children are 6 1/2 and 4. We are taking turns to pick the films.



Yes! My choice of film. Labyrinth is a marvellous film. Jim Henson puppets, David Bowie as the Goblin King, an Escher style maze, and a race against time for 15 year old Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) to get back her baby brother who the Goblin King has kidnapped. There’s brilliant, funny puppets. Peril! The Goblin King and a cute baby dancing with the puppet goblins. Ludo. Hoggle. And let’s not forget David Bowie and his magnificent pants.


A brilliant film for everyone!



Completely brilliant. We all loved this film about a little rabbit becoming the first rabbit police officer. Normally, it’s just the large animals that get to be cops. In Zootropolis (Zootopia for US audiences) animals are living together in harmony. There’s a scandal erupting about predators ‘going wild’ and Judy Hopps (our bunny hero) must investigate with the help of  Nick Wilde, a sneaky fox (or is he?).

Full Out


It’s main saving grace was that the littlest family member chose the film this week and it was nearly Nativity again.

This is a TV Movie about a gymnast who has a terrible accident and misses out on her chance at olympic glory. She’s not recovering very well and so joins a hip hop dancing group, obviously. Then she goes back to gymnastics and is great again.

It really wasn’t that bad. 🙂

Batman – Mask of the Phantasm


I’m so sorry, I had a tiny bit of a hangover this day and I fell asleep during family film time. I will, sadly, never know what this film is about.


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