The Immortals – SE Lister

This book had a great premise, but fell a little flat at the end. Overall, it’s worth a read.



Rosa Hyde is the daughter of a time traveller, stuck reliving 1945. She grows up frustrated and desperate to see another year. Hating her parents. Her Father for being the reason they have to live this repetitive existence, her mother for going along with it.

At 17 she runs away on New Years Eve so she can’t be pulled back with the rest of her family to the start of the year. She finds herself in modern times and manages to scrape out a living. Just as she’s being to feel settled she is wrenched to another time. And so her adventures begin.

She meets other time travellers, all who offer only scorn when ever she wants to have anything but a superficial conversation. And she basically ends up miserable and unfulfilled, but with fun adventures, the resolving of a lifetime mystery, and family issues she must deal with along the way.



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