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My year in books: 2016




7 books for book club. The Immortals, After Me Comes The Flood, The Tiger’s Wife, Geek Love, The City and the City, The Loney, and The Blue Flower. We take turns to choose the book and this gives us a good variety and makes me read things I wouldn’t ever have chosen myself. Geek Love will stay with me FOREVER (in a slightly sinister way!).

2 that were a slog to get through. Crime and Punishment and The Goldfinch. So looooooonnnnnnnggggggg…

Only 2 that I didn’t really like (but at least with one it was a classic I’m glad I’ve got through)

1 children’s book has snuck into the list. This should technically be a lot more because I read to my kids every night at bedtime. I should have some children’s books x50 or x100 for my daughter’s favourites! Topsy and Tim Go to School I must have read a hundred times in a row. Also, the first three Harry Potter books and much Enid Blyton with my son. Next year I imagine I’ll include more of these because I’m aiming for 52 books! It still feels like cheating on the book count though.

At least half of these books have made me cry real tears. This is a great because it means I’ve been emotionally moved. There’s nothing worse than reading a bland, boring book that can’t even get me tearful once.

2 autobiographies for times when I don’t want to have to think.

1 graphic novel and a complete classic. Watchmen was my holiday read. I hadn’t factored in that it’s actually quite a physically big book and was quite annoying to take around with me.

2 YA books. Loved both of them.

1 pre holiday read – Man On Fire – because some of it is set in Malta where I was holidaying.

5 books I gave 5 star ratings to: Geek Love, Am I Normal Yet?, The Secret History, The City and the City and All the Bright Places. Good hit rate out of 20 books. Really happy with this.

3 of these were books I read to fill in the gaps in my reading history: Crime and Punishment, Slaughterhouse Five, and Rabbit, Run.

1 was a book given to me by a friend with the words ‘You’ll really like this’ and I did! The Secret History. I’d love for this to happen more.

9 books by women. This is great but I’m ashamed by how I’ve done on minority authors this year. I’m normally much better and usually try to include books from many different perspectives and different countries too.

20 books this year. Here’s to an even better 2017.



The Immortals – SE Lister

This book had a great premise, but fell a little flat at the end. Overall, it’s worth a read.



Rosa Hyde is the daughter of a time traveller, stuck reliving 1945. She grows up frustrated and desperate to see another year. Hating her parents. Her Father for being the reason they have to live this repetitive existence, her mother for going along with it.

At 17 she runs away on New Years Eve so she can’t be pulled back with the rest of her family to the start of the year.Β She finds herself in modern times and manages to scrape out a living. Just as she’s being to feel settled she is wrenched to another time. And so her adventures begin.

She meets other time travellers, all who offer only scorn when ever she wants to have anything but a superficial conversation. And she basically ends up miserable and unfulfilled, but with fun adventures, the resolving of a lifetime mystery, and family issues she must deal with along the way.