Delusions of Gender and my physics classroom (part 1)

a physics classroom

Mostly this is a book review of my Easter holiday read: Delusions of Gender: the real science behind sex differences by Cordelia Fine.

I’m interested in gender issues generally and have had this near the top of my to read list for a while. What I didn’t expect was to find so much in this book that is directly relevant to my teaching practice. I have come away from this book feeling inspired, depressed, enraged, capable and like I can make a real difference to my students.

The first third deals with hidden sexism. The attitudes of society that pervade our subconscious minds. Many scientific studies are considered where the effect is basically: if a girl is reminded of how crap girls are at maths before taking a maths test, they will perform worse on the test than if they are told about something more gender neutral. I’m paraphrasing to…

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