Book review: Delusions of Gender – Cordelia Fine (part two)

a physics classroom

The first part of this review can be found here. It deals with STEM subjects at school and as careers, and neuroscience and how it can, or more likely can not, be applied to explain gender differences.

The third section of the book deals with parenting. Relevant because I’m the mother two young children. A boy and a girl, aged 4 and 2. Their obsession with gender roles and stereotypes is, frankly, terrifying.

My little girl seems to be descending into the frightening world of pink with it’s associated limited aspirations. I am not what people would call a girly girl (thank god). I wasn’t as a child. I never had dolls and many colours were part of my world. Treasured toys included a red car, domino rally, a cuddly panther and lego (normal colourful lego of old). I’m aware I may be bringing some of my own issues to…

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